Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sharing the Cranberry Crunch Cookie love

Psss... I have a new favorite cookie and it doesn't even have any chocolate chips in it ~ yes, this from a chocoholic. Mr. Oatmeal Cookie Guy's award winning Cranberry Crunch Cookies are heavenly!

Why do I like them so much? Well, I love the crunch of turbinado sugar at every bite, and when the sweet and tart combination hits me followed by that burst of toasted almond flavor... just delicious ~ and absolutely bring-in-able! So I'm sharing the cookie love and will have a box ready for my husband's office tomorrow.

P/S: This was the first cookie batch fresh out of the oven. There should be 28 of these babies on the rack; my youngest boy and I couldn't stop ourselves after the first cookie, we downed 9 more without stopping! They're SO good!

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oatmealcookieguy said...

Hi, Amelia. Wow...that sounds so good: "award winning"! I'm so glad you tried my recipe and that the cookies were such a hit!