Friday, October 2, 2009

Snuggling with sweater weather oatmeal cookies

It's finally looking like Fall weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area, after oh what, only a steamy 95'F weekend! Tuesday was wonderful, it was blustery and cosy! I'm so ready for the cool season. And cool weather brings out the baker in moi.

Yesterday I baked some aptly named Sweater Weather Cookies, recipe by the one and only Oatmeal Cookie Guy. I loved biting into the cookie and being enveloped by the orange scent, the orange taste. My boys couldn't help themselves either, downing 3 and 4 at a go, and mind you these were jumbo sized cookies (I used a 2-inch scoop).

To quote my favorite Oatmeal Cookie Guy, "Orangey, spicy, bright, slightly smokey, and autumnal" ...all so very true! I'm definitely baking more of these orange gems this season.

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